CONTENTS"Always provide high-quality products and technical services and meet customer requirements to obtain customer confidence."
This is the basic idea of our quality control. Our motto is to provide environmentally friendly products and technical services to contribute to the society. Based on our extensive experience since the foundation in July, 1960, we continue to manufacture and provide reliable products through our solid technology and the tireless research. We have especially accumulated our own know-how and advanced technology related to the combustion and improvement of combustion of marine fuel oil .

Currently, our products can be used not only on marine vessels, but also in plants on land and automotive field, because we always try to provide products and technical services that meet customers' needs. In addition to the manufacturing and sales of products, the Analysis Center in our Technical Research Division also conducts analytical works on marine fuel oil , lubricating oil, industrial water (boiler water, cooling water, etc.) and scale, as well as provides advice and consulting services utilizing the extensive skills and experience.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to develop new products and technologies that anticipate the needs of the times. In addition, we will always contribute to environmental protection and provide reliable products.

Launching of new range concentrated products
Existing products, Yunic 600S, Yunic 650, and Destol F will be replaced with concentrated formulation, Yunic 600S-II, Yunic 650-II, Destol F-II effectively from January,2017. The new concentration type ( II series) shows similar fuel treatment results with economical dosage rate and reduced cost in treatment per ton of fuel oil quantity. Thank you for your continuous support.