About Us


About Us

Company Name

Nippon Yuka Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Head Office
Yusen Bldg 3F, 3-9 Kaigandori, Nakaku, Yokohama, 231-0002 Japan
Kobe Sales Office
1-1-1 Kaigandori, Chuoku, Kobe, 650-0024 Japan
Yokohama Factory
2148-3 Kamiyabecho, Totsukaku, Yokohama, 245-0053 Japan


Kobune Goto


July 22, 1960


20 million JPY


Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line) 100%

Number of Employees

April 1, 2019


Chemical products that we design, develop, manufacture and sell

Fuel oil additives, industrial chemical cleaning agents, oil spill treatment agents, car wash detergents and waxes, etc.

Equipment and devices

Marine bio-fouling inhibitors, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, waste water treatment equipment, oil spill treatment equipment and materials, oil testers, etc.

Contracted business

Analysis of fuel oil, lubricating oil and water, consulting services, etc.

Nippon Yuka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Our History

July 1960
Nippon Yuka Kogyo Co., Ltd.Headquartered in Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, we started our business as a fuel oil additive manufacturer with a plant established in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi

December 1966
We increased our capital to 20 million yen and built a new plant in Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, relocation completed

April 1970
Developed heavy oil mildewcide: DestolF

February 1975    
Developed car wash detergent and wax, entered into market of car wash machines

February 1977
Released Yunishell V6 - marine biofouling inhibitor

November 1982
Released Yunic 600S - Vanadium attack inhibitor

August 2000       
Certification of ISO 9001 from BVQI

December 2000
Obtained certification from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK) certifying the good dispersion performance of our fuel oil distributed additive (500D)

September 2001
Established Technical Research Laboratories in Yokohama Plant. Acquired the analysis department from Nippon Yusen Transport Research Laboratories and established Analysis Center in the laboratories.

Januray 2002
Released EconofreeA - a fuel oil additive used for Marine Diesel oil and Heavy oil to prevent smoke

December 2009
Released Yunic 700LS - a fuel oil additive used for Lubricity Improving of LSDO.

November 2014
Released Yunic 750LS-F - a fuel oil additive used for Lubricity Improving and Mold Inhibitor of LSDO.

November 2017
Released Wax Breaker - a fuel oil additive used for Cold flow property improver of MGO and MDO.

May 2019
Released Yunic 800VLS - a fuel oil additive used for Sludge inhibition and dispersion of VLSFO.