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Diesel Black Smoke Inhibitor

Product name




Econofree A


Black smoke inhibitor
(Heavy oil and Marine Diesel oil)
Standard dosing rate: 1/1000

Do not use on fuel oil with a sulfur
content of 50 ppm (0.005%) or less.

- Suppress generation of black smoke
- Facilitate combustion
- Pmax increases in engine and fuel efficiency improves 2-3%

200L D/M

Without Econofree With Econofree

Collect dust in exhaust gas by filter paper
When Econofree A is added in the fuel, there is no black smoke in a filter.

Analysis example of Econofree A's effects

Analysis example by FIA (Fuel Ignition Analyzer)

When burning a fuel oil by FIA, the portion surrounded by the graph and bottom axis is the work load of the fuel oil. For diesel engines, the ignition /combustion timing of the oil, which is related to the pressure (heat release amount) acting on the piston, significantly affects the efficiency. Especially in recent years, heavy fuel oils tend to have a delayed ignition /combustion.

Adding Econofree A to fuel oil can improve ignitability and engine efficiency to approach the optimum ignition /combustion timing. It also reduces the combustion in afterburning time which does not work efficiently (pushing piston), and improves the combustion by burning it in S working time. This is done for each combustion stroke in each cylinder. In addition, it prevents smoke emission by assisting in the complete combustion of unburned fuel, which is the cause of the smoke emission (black smoke). These effects (combustion improvement and smoke prevention) of Econofree A can contribute to fuel consumption saving by 2-4%.

Analysis example by differential thermal

When heating fuel oil together with a suitable amount of air, light components begin to evaporate and naturally ignite, followed by "luminous flame combustion". When heating continues, light components disappear and so-called carbon residue is generated. Finally, the carbon residue burns (residual carbon combustion) as well.

The above figure shows that the starting temperature of "residual carbon combustion" is reduced by about 50C when Econofree A is added. This means that the carbon residue becomes easier to burn.

A piston and cylinder liner after Econofree A added

Both are kept in very clean condition with Econofree A

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