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Combustion Ash Modifier

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Yunic 600S-II

Vanadium ash modification

Standard dosing rate: 1/5000

Raise the melting point of vanadium ash and change it to non-adhesion ash. Prevent gas leakage from exhaust valve and surging.

200L D/M

What is "vanadium attack"?

Simply put, it means metal corrosion caused by vanadium ash adhesion. In addition to vanadium, C heavy oil also contains sulfur, sodium and other minerals. The ash of vanadium compounds contains some substances which melting point is about 500°C. These vanadium compounds are melted by the heat of engine and burner, reach and adhered to the exhaust path, and destroy the oxide film of the metal surface they adhered to. Therefore, the metal is corroded.

Effect of Yunic 600S-II

Metal components contained in Yunic600S-II combine with vanadium compounds when burning, and change them into compounds with a higher melting point. As the result of covering the surface, it can change the vanadium ash into no- adherent, dry and light ash. (See photo)

Ash of vanadium compounds

Without additive:
Easy-to-adhere ash
with a low melting point

After 600S-II is added: Hard-to-adhere ash with a higher melting point

Effect of Yunic 600S-II
- Prevent gas leakage from exhaust valve and surging due to vanadium attack
- Suppress furan from adhering to exhaust gas economizer

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