Emulsion Breaker

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Emulsion Breaker

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Yunic 300

Emulsion Breaker

Standard dosing rate: 1/1000

Add to heavy oil and water mixture to separate water from heavy oil.


200L D/M

Oil-water (emulsion) Separating Agent

Generation of heavy oil and water emulsion

Normally, water and oil do not mix. But with the present of emulsifier (substance having a portion soluble in water and a portion soluble in oil in one molecule), water is dispersed as fine water droplets in oil and the mixture is called emulsion. C heavy oil contains various substances that have high molecular weight, some of which may act as an emulsifier. Therefore, when water is mixed into heavy oil, the formation of a solid emulsion may occur depending on the type of the oil.

Destruction of emulsion by Yunic 300 >> separation of oil and water

Yunic 300 inhibits "emulsifier's property of being soluble in water". As a result, fine water droplets in emulsion disappear and water is separated from oil. The water can then be removed by purifiers.

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