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Lubricity Improver

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Lubricity improver for LSGO and LSDO

Standard dosing rate: 1/2500

Prevention of abnormal wear and sticking of fuel injection pump and gear pump caused by the low lubricity of fuel oil

200L D/M

Lubricity Improving Agent

Effect of Yunic700LS

Normally, the smaller the wear scar diameter in HFRR test, the better the lubricity of fuel oil. That is why engine manufacturers recommend their customers to use fuel oils with HFRR wear scar diameter of 460 - 520um or less. However, in reality supplied fuel oils have a lower lubricity which leads to the occurrence of troubles in fuel injection pump and gear pump.

Adding Yunic 700LS to low sulfur gas oil (LSGO) or Low sulfur diesel oil (LSDO) may significantly improve their lubricity and prevent abnormal wear and sticking of fuel injection pump and gear pump.

In HFRR test, which tests one of the lubricity indexes of light oils, wear scar diameter of low-sulfur light oil is about 600um. After adding 200pm (1/5000: standard addition rate) of Yunic 700LS, the wear scar diameter is reduced to 460um or less, which is the specification recommended by engine manufacturers.

Lubricity Improving Agent
<Relationship of addition rate of Yunic700LS and HFRR for 2 types of low-sulfur light oil (LSGO)>


Lubricity Improving Agent

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