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MGO Additive "Lubricity improvement" and "Prevention of fuel oil molds sludge growth"

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Lubricity improvement
and Prevention of molds of

Standard dosing rate: 1/2500

"Lubricity improvement" and "Prevention of molds sludge growth" for LSGO and LSDO.

200L D/M


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LSGO and LSDO stored in long period has dangers of low lubricity and growth of mold

Lubricity of a fuel oil is generally related to its viscosity and sulfur content. Therefore, lubricity may be decreased as the sulfur content of the MGO or MDO is decreased. When low sulfur MGO or MDO having a sulfur content up to 0.1% is used, there may be occurred some troubles such as sticking in a plunger barrel of a fuel injection pump within a diesel engine owing to lubricity deterioration.

On the other hand, the dew condensation water which occurred in the F.O.TK forms a layer of water into the bottom and side wall of a tank. There is a possibility that molds may occur in a layer of water. If a filter is clogged up by molds sludge, some serious engine troubles may be occurred such as blackout.

From January 1, 2015, a ship which sails in ECA has to use only fuel oil having a sulfur content of 0.1% or less than 0.1%. Therefore, LSGO and LSDO should be stored for a long period. There are dangers of low lubrication and molds growth may occur.

1) Comparison of lubricity improvement effect

*The smaller value of HFRR is better lubrication.

2) Verification of the prevention effect of mold sludge growth

Lubricity Improving and Mold Inhibiting Agent

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